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Monday, August 24, 2015

ABC lets Clinton spokesman interview Trump

The revelation that George Stephanopoulos gave the Clinton Foundation $75,000 revealed that this fraud never stopped being a spokesman for the Clintons. And yet ABC continues to trot this flack out to participate in its 2016 election coverage. His interview of Donald Trump on Sunday was more partisan hackery from a man who should have no credibility on a network that has no shame. Stephanopoulos claimed that Trump had "no specifics" on deporting illegal aliens.

But Stephanopoulos also claimed to know to the penny how much Trump's plan will cost.

Stephanopoulos is a liar and a bad one at that.

From Breitbart:

STEPHANOPOULOS: From the American action conservative group they say the federal government would have to spend roughly $400 billion to $600 billion to address the 11.2 million undocumented immigrants. Each immigrant would have to be apprehended, detained, legally processed and transported to his or her home country, in turn this would shrink the labor force by 11 million and reduce the real GDP by 1.6 trillion dollars. Are you willing to pay that price and where are you going to get the money?

TRUMP: First of all they’re wrong and Jeb Bush is a low energy person and wouldn’t be able to do it. He says they come as an act of love. People coming and many of them you look at what’s happening with the crime, many of them are really causing tremendous problems and they would be out really fast. Immediately.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Mr. Trump. they’re saying $406 billion and would require big government apparatus to take everybody down. If you don’t think those numbers are right how much will it cost and where will you get the money.”

TRUMP: It’s costing us $130 billion a year and that’s peanuts compared to what the real cost is, George. The way we have it now. You have so many illegals. We don’t even know how many. I hear 11 million. I hear 30 million. The government has no idea. We have lost control of our country. We’ve lost control of our borders. The government has no idea how many illegals are here. I’ve been hearing 11 billion for five years then I heard 30. nobody has any idea.”

STEPHANOPOULOS: So if there’s no idea how are you going to round them all up, where are you going to get the money and the forces? Exactly how are you going to do it? What are the specifics?

TRUMP: George, it’s called management. The first thing we have to do is secure the border but it’s called management. And we’ll get people back in, the really good ones and expedite it so they get back in. So they can at least come in legally.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You keep declaring how you’re going to do it but you don’t say how.

TRUMP: Excuse me, George. I’m telling you, it’s called management. You can do this and why can expedite the good ones to come back in and everybody wants that. But they have to come in legally. We have a country, we have to have — we’re a country of laws. We’re a country of borders. How can you have a country without a border. How can you have a country without laws? We have to do it and by the way what you said in your piece initially is the gang members. You look at the gang members in Baltimore, Chicago, in Ferguson, these people, a lot of them are illegals. These are rough dudes and we’re going to get them

STEPHANOPOULOS: I understand you think it’s a huge problem but I don’t hear specifics.

TRUMP: My specifics are very simple. I’m going to get great people that know what they’re doing. not a bunch of political hacks that have no idea what they’re doing appointed by President Obama that doesn’t have a clue. I mean the man doesn’t have a clue. People are walking across the border right now right in front of these great people we have. We have wonderful border patrol people. they can do their job but they’re not allowed to do the job. People are walking right into our country totally — nobody even knows where they come from and walk past guards and are told not to do anything.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Do you expect neighbors to start turning in neighbors?

TRUMP: I don’t know what’s going to happen. I can tell you this, we have to have a country where a country of laws and we have to do it that way. George. there’s nothing we can do about it if we’re going to stand as a country. There’s no choice. We have no choice. We have to do it properly. Now, the candidates that are running against me like Jeb Bush, he has no clue. He’s never going to be able to do anything. Just look at what’s happened with him over the years and what’s happened with the last thing we need is another Bush. But Scott Walker changed his mind now because he keeps going back to his pollster and his pollster says Trump has a good idea, Trump has a bad idea. Wait a minute. These people don’t know what they’re doing. They’re politicians. They don’t know management. I get the best people and we will do it properly and humanely and get the good ones back in.

STEPHANOPOULOS: I still haven’t heard the specifics.

TRUMP: It’s called good management. It’s called great people.


  1. How do you do it? Do what Eisenhower did in the 50's. It worked.

  2. Stephi says we can't do it. The problem is actually Not Even Trying.

  3. Stephanuppagus is a jerk. Was when he worked for the Clintons, is still now that he still works for the Clintons.

    Regarding illegal aliens: when I was a kid, there were PSAs on TV (Philadelphia stations) every year that aliens (I'm guessing they meant legal) had to register by Jan 1st or be in deep kimchee. The intent seemed to be that we wanted to keep track of who was here and where they were. And I'm guessing that those who didn't were then considered to be in illegal status. Did that stop with Teddi's immigration bill in '65 or whenever?

    Also, I was listening to Mark Steyn the other day and he mentioned a crackdown on Pakistani illegals years ago. They busted a only a few. But then the border crossings from US to Canada became clogged with Pakistanis self-deporting (albeit to Canada). Similar things will happen once a few examples are made "to encourage the others."

    And don't forget -- when you hire an illegal alien, you're breaking the law. And encouraging illegal entry of more illegal aliens.