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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Washington smart=American dumb

Vanessa Williams in a bikini has nothing to do with this post, but she is better looking than Stuart Rothenberg who has a lot to do with this post.

He is a smart man who can call elections with the best of him, which is why his dumb advice to the Republican Party. He wants Republicans to adopt every communistic policy the Democratic Party pursues in a vain effort to attract women and minorities -- meaning people other than white males.

His advice is pedestrian.

His argument is erroneous.

Wrote Stuart Rothenberg: "The Republican brand has been damaged for years, well before Trump made his mindless comments about Mexicans. His comments give Democrats more ammunition to use against the Republican Party, and that isn’t what the GOP needs. But Trump is not alone in his party in saying things that alienate voters, and his impact on the Republican Party will depend much more on his behavior over the next year than on his comments during the past few weeks."


Who controls both houses of Congress?

Who controls the most state legislatures?

Who controls the most Governor's Mansions?

Republicans win when they ignore Washington smarts, such as gun control and Obamacare.

They lose when they go along to get along.

Meanwhile, Vanessa Williams has married for the third time.


  1. He couldn't be more wrong. When we run a candidate who thinks he can win middle by going left we're guaranteed to lose. Only can win with nominee who believes in and can effectively sell conservative policies and principles.

    1. Why vote for a pseudo Democrat when you can vote for the real thing? I have never understood this idea of running as "kinda something".

  2. Republicans have gone beyond the stupid party, to the brain dead party. If they backed what trump was saying, and actually acted on it, they'd win everything. People are sick of the illegals, they commit 25 percent of all crime, and they suck up 22 percent (or more) of all welfare. They are leeches on our country.

  3. What happened to Vanessa in the bikini?

    1. I'm guessing it was that third marriage. (I could see that image displayed.)

  4. As Ann Coulter once said, "When voters are given a choice between a real Dimocrat (Obungler) and a fake Dimocrat (McRINO and Mittens), they choose the real Dimocrat. The Stupid Party actually thinks these pundits are trying to help them which is why they take their advice. And lose. Note to the Stupid Party: The New York Slimes (Motto: All the news that's fit to distort) and the rest of the LSM are not trying to help you win elections.

  5. I guess Don is hoping to be number 4?

  6. If the gop run as a Democrat, eg, bush, christy, grahmnesty, and others, there's no point in wasting time going out to vote.

  7. Rothenberg is probably one of the geniuses that gave McCain and Romney electioneering advice. Do you really need to say more.