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Friday, July 17, 2015

Walker: I defunded Planned Parenthood when defunding wasn't coo-ool

The revelation that Planned Parenthood crushes babies in the womb in the head to preserve other body parts shocked the nation. But Scott Walker reminded one and all on the Megyn Kelly show that he supported de-funding Planned Parenthood all along.

He has the right enemies.

From Planned Parenthood:
Since taking office, Gov. Scott Walker has
1. Passed a total of 12 policies that restrict women’s access to health information, essential care, and pay equity.
2. Signed five abortion restrictions that take away services and threaten doctors with prison time for providing safe and legal abortion.
3. Authorized the state to spend taxpayer money to appeal two ongoing lawsuits despite conclusive court rulings.
Just days before his presidential announcement, Gov. Scott Walker is expected to sign a dangerous and intrusive abortion ban, once again ignoring opposition from doctors and leading medical groups across the state. The ban, which Walker called for alongside extreme groups with the stated goal of banning abortion, marks the fifth abortion restriction that Walker will have signed into law as governor and is a stark reminder of the extreme agenda that he’d bring all the way to the White House if given the chance.
Give him the chance.

The de-humanization of people is a pillar of socialism. The Soviet Union led the league in abortion rate.

Now America does.

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