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Sunday, July 05, 2015

Tweet of the day


  1. There is nothing in Barack Obama that ever speaks of America. Nothing. How sad for the nation.

  2. W has "class". O is zero for zero.

  3. Look at how far this country has descended. We used to elect people like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln to the highest office in the land. Now we elect an unqualified, America hating person whose only qualifications for the office were his skin color and his ability to read words, written by others, off a TelePromPter. And we elected him twice! As an email floationg around the web states, "It is not Obama that is the problem, it is a populace that would elect him." I agree. We had a good run but we are now in decline. It is sad, so very very sad.

  4. I recall obozo trying to convince a dead pool of voters that "words have meaning". Except that it appears only his words are worthy. I haven't seen such an empty suit in government in my life. And I'm 65.