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Monday, July 20, 2015

Thank you, Donald Trump, you can leave now

Donald Trump did a great service to the nation by forcing the Republican Party to take on illegal immigration. Now will he kindly leave the stage? Real Republicans can take it from here.

"We're a nation of laws," Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, repeatedly told illegal alien Jose Flores, 38, in an exchange on Sunday reported by the Washington Post.

"My point is that you have to follow the law, follow the process," Walker said.

And there was this from Walker:  "The president had years to deal with this throughout the legitimate legislative process. He had his own party in charge for the first two years he was in office.

"Now it's my turn."

From the Washington Post:
Immigration has been a weak area for Walker, who announced his presidential campaign last week in the same town where the Flores family lives. Although he used to support granting amnesty to some of the 11 million immigrants who are in the country illegally, Walker now says his position has changed. He said that those living here need to leave and reenter legally, prompting some critics to accuse him of flip-flopping. Walker also has suggested curtailing legal immigration during difficult economic times.
Even though immigration has often dominated this presidential contest, Walker did not mention it in his announcement speech or his first couple of campaign stops, including a breakfast at a Harley-Davidson dealership in North Charleston, S.C. Afterward, Walker was confronted by a man who shouted, "What about the border?" At the next campaign stop, a barbecue joint in Lexington, Walker added immigration to his stump speech and continued to talk about the issue — nearly always receiving loud, supportive cheers.
Enforcing the law does not break up families whose parents are here illegally and whose children were born here.

Parents who enter illegally do.

And why cannot Mexico (or India, Iran, Ireland, Palestine, Somali, et cetera) accept American-born children when we deport their parents? We reformed immigration law in 1986 under President Reagan and a Democratic House. It is time to enforce that reform.


  1. He's a pol, his lips are moving, and it's in direct contravention of what he has previously said on the topic, i.e. he's lying, and nothing will change if he's actually elected prez--anyone that believes otherwise is deluding themselves.

    1. The position he held previously was as a Milwaukee county official. Thus he had no authority or responsibility in that role. Was he pandering then? Likely. Pandering now? Unlikely. I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt here.

  2. We need to not just enforce the terms of the '86 amnesty, but re-visit the premises of the 1965 Kennedy immigration reform. http://cis.org/1965ImmigrationAct-MassImmigration

  3. Trump needs to stay in because he gets press forcing discussion of topics the lsm tries to avoid. Immigration, sanctuary cities and the va are not all the topics needing discussion. Trump can be provacative to get the issues out in the open. I think he will be successful in exposing the rinos.

  4. Trump needs to stay in because he gets press forcing discussion of topics the lsm tries to avoid. Immigration, sanctuary cities and the va are not all the topics needing discussion. Trump can be provacative to get the issues out in the open. I think he will be successful in exposing the rinos. I think he's still needed.

  5. Real republicans? Are you kidding? There is only the uni-party and trump who will speak of the evils the gov/media will do their best to hide.

    Really Don....

  6. Right now I will take Trump over any of the lot. He called out McInsane whom I detest. The RINO has worn out his veteran status as far as I am concerned. Since losing to the unknown lightweight from Illinois, he has done almost as much harm as the SCoaMF has.
    The rest of the field are politicians, Trump is a business man and a leader. He is far from perfect. He is also far better than the Chamber of Communists sponsored bunch we see scampering about like Norway rats when the lights come on.

  7. I prefer that Trump stay in. Yes, he would be a crappy President, and he has a long history of supporting the things he now claims to oppose.

    But Trump makes the heads of the lefty GOP Establishment explode, and frankly they deserve all the punishment they get. Say what you will about Democrats: they are loud and proud Stalinists, and no longer make any effort to hide it.By contrast the GOP Establishment is totally committed to the Obama agenda, yet every election they lie to us point-blank and say the opposite.

    The sooner the GOP goes belly up the better. It is a slim chance - a very slim one - but a GOP-less political vacuum might actually be filled by the formation of a real opposition party.

  8. mccain, yeah, I agree, not a hero for choosing to stay and be tortured?

    I have heard, but unable to verify, that while in custody he was turned, the real reason he decided to stay, he apparently liked it. Also heard that he made a number of propaganda films for the northviets.

    True? Dunno, but to me it looks like he has been carrying commie water his whole political career.

    Having a powerful and important daddy might have accounted for none of this getting out?

    Also his concern for vets seems to have been far less than stellar....

    Whether true or not, I loath that man...

  9. Yes, Trump needs to stay in. Walker I was not real interested in until his flip flop, now I don't trust him.

    Every damn election they lie to us to get our votes and then turn around and do whatever stupid and destructive stuff to the country, laws be damned.

    I've got my absentee ballot sitting on the table, but will probably run it though the shredder as I just no longer have any faith in the gop as someone pointed out above, they are part of what currently exists as the "uni-party", the sides exist to keep us at each others throats as the drink deep of the graft stream.

    Trump I also don't really care for, but at least his fortune wasn't made in government "service".

    Palin and Bolton(sp?) are the only ones that seem to have any care for the country and have integrity.

    Yeah, our politics has turned into a particularly fetid sewer.


    Difference between a statesman and a politician?

    Statesman: How will this affect the country in 50 years?

    Politician: What can I get out of this now for me and mine?

    Yeah, spit....