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Monday, July 13, 2015

Steyn on Trump

Mark Steyn weighed in on The Donald (not me, that other guy).

It was what we expect from Steyn.

From Steyn:
Trump is supposed to be the narcissist blowhard celebrity candidate: He's a guy famous for erecting aesthetically revolting buildings with his "brand" plastered all over them, for arm-candy brides, for beauty contests and reality shows. The other fellows are sober, serious senators and governors.
And yet Trump is the only one who's introduced an issue into this otherwise torpid campaign -- and the most important issue of all, I would argue, in that ultimately it's one of national survival. And so the same media that dismiss Trump as an empty reality-show vanity candidate are now denouncing him for bringing up the only real policy question in the race so far.
What he said may or may not be offensive, but it happens to be true: America has more Mexicans than anybody needs, and then some. It certainly has more unskilled Mexicans than any country needs, including countries whose names begin with "Mex-" and end in "-ico". And it has far more criminal Mexicans than anybody needs, which is why they make up 71 per cent of the foreign inmates in federal jails. Just to underline that last point, a young American woman was murdered for kicks in a supposed "sanctuary city" on the eve of the holiday weekend by an illegal immigrant from Mexico. He had flouted US immigration law for years - or, to be more precise about it, local, state and federal officials had colluded with him in the flouting of US immigration law, to the point where San Francisco's sheriff actively demanded the return of this criminal to his "sanctuary city" thereby facilitating the homicide of an actual citizen, taxpayer and net contributor to American society.
Democrats are not divided on the issue because they could not give a fig less about the country. They love the government and tolerate the nation. Republicans are divided because they do not want to be too harsh on criminals lest they get the disapproving stare at the country club.

The people who anguished over Trayvon Martin being shot while beating the crap out of a man, or Michael Brown getting shot for trying to kill a police officer with his own gun are silent about an actual murder. As Steyn wrote, "Kate Steinle is dead because the entire Democratic Party, two-thirds of the Republican Party and 100 per cent of the diseased federal-state-municipal bureaucracy prioritizes myths over reality."

We shall see if the silent majority is still a majority but jabbing so many people with a stick for six years just may prove to be the unwisest use of that Democratic electoral victory in 2008.


  1. " jabbing so many people with a stick for six years just may prove to be the unwisest use of that Democratic electoral victory in 2008. "

    That is what I hope and expect. But, it will take Republicans who have an issue, defend it vigorously, and are not afraid the press will not like them.