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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Shove it, Jeb!

Jeb! Bush is the biggest joke in presidential politics. His daddy was president. His big brother was president. Now Jeb! thinks he should inherit the family digs at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Fine. Whatever. Americans are not that stupid.

But he has now gone too far in pushing his Chamber Of Commerce-approved, open-borders, citizenship-doesn't-matter policy. Anyone who disagrees with Jeb! is now a H8r.

That Barack Obama-era name-calling is getting awful cold.

From AP:
 Jeb Bush implored his Republican presidential rivals Monday to reject the "crazy message of hate" that he sees at play in the campaign and cast himself as a "committed conservative," but not an "angry" one, in remarks rooted in Donald Trump's inflammatory rhetoric and the backlash that followed.
As conservatives, he said in a speech to pastors, "if we act with our heart, people will rise." Afterward, Bush gave his call for political civility a harder edge in a raucous rally where he urged other GOP contenders to quit scolding each other.
"We have to campaign with joy in our hearts - not anger," Bush said. "We shouldn't say outrageous things that turn people off to the conservative message. Our message is the one of hope and opportunity for everyone."
"We must reject this crazy message of hate."
Shove it, Jeb! Shove it where that goofy exclamation point shines. Your staff is goofing on you with that exclamation point. They want the Democrat to win, which likely is what you want. You know your family name is a loser. Three terms and we wound up with 16 years of Clinton and Obama. Thanks a pantsload, Jeb! and company.

Jeb! did a fine job as a governor, but lots of men and women do. His vicious attack on Republican voters is disgusting. Quit the race, Jeb!

The only thing I hate is your contempt for me and millions of other people who want a the law enforced and illegal aliens deported -- right after they serve their time in prison.


  1. All I care is that both he and Trump are making Scott Walker look good by comparison.

  2. Here's an interesting take

  3. Jeb should run against hillary for the dem nomination. He's too far left now to even be considered a rino.

  4. Don, you lost me at "Americans are not that stupid."

    Two Obama terms completely unhinges that statement.

  5. Beat me to it Hoss!

    We need a candidate who will take the fight to the Dimocrats. McRINO wouldn't when he shushed the crowd for calling Obungler "Hussein". He should have used that. Obumbler has shown us over and over again that he is not one of us. I would have used "Hussein" in every speech. Sarah Palin was a fighter, but McRINO's staffers stabbed her in the back and McRINO let them. Loser!

    Mittens won the first debate and then allowed himself to be rolled by that fat tub of goo Candy Crowley in the second debate and he lost the election right there. Loser!

    Bush 41 wouldn't take the fight to BJ. He won his first election by running as Reagan. He lost his second election by running as Bush 41. Loser!

    Trump is resonating because for the first time since Ronald Reagan we are seeing a Republican candidate who will fight. And what did Reagan do? He won two landslide elections. If Republicans want to win, they need to quit taking advice from the New York Slimes (Motto: All the news that's fit to distort), the DNC, and their highly paid consultants who lost to BJ, and Oblunder. Why hire consultants whose specialty is losing presidential elections?