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Thursday, July 23, 2015

She wrote: "I was almost aborted"

Rebecca Kiessling celebrated her 46th birthday on Wednesday with her readers at Life Site News. She told of how her mother tried to abort her in 1969 but could not because the Supreme Court allowed Michigan and others states to ban abortion back then. Her mother was raped, but Michigan law provided no exemption.

Forced to have Rebecca, her mother apparently gave her up for adoption. In her column, Kiessling wrote, "I was almost aborted," and explained:
Six years later, she completely changed her mind on the issue, and now we are both thankful that we were both spared the horror of abortion.
Many people will say to me, "I'm so glad your mother chose life."  But she didn't.  She chose abortion. 
Pro-life legislators, activists and voters chose life for me, and they are my heroes!  I owe my birth to the law being there to protect me.  I was lucky -- I was protected.  Legality matters.
In the mid-1960's, there were efforts to legalize abortion in cases of rape all over the country.  Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe from Roe v. Wade) even lied, claiming she was gang-raped, in order to try to obtain an abortion in Texas.
But I'm from Michigan, where there has never been a rape-exception in any laws.  This is why I have a birthday to celebrate!
The two reconciled.

Abortion is not a right. It is a wrong. God does not punish us with children; He rewards us.