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Monday, July 20, 2015

Obama administration strips a hero of his Silver Star

Army Green Beret Major Mathew Golsteyn shot and killed a Taliban bombmaker after U.S. forces had released the man on a technicality in 2010. The terrorist was linked to 40 IED bombs. For his efforts, Major Golsteyn received a Silver Star.

Later, interviewing for a job at the CIA, Golsteyn was blunt about what he did. The Obama administration then stripped him of his Silver Star and gave him a general discharge, after a board of officers at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, refused to allow the Democratic president's administrators to pursue a charge of violating the law of armed conflict.

The case hinges on whether making bombs but not carrying a gun makes one unarmed and off-limits to American bullets. Oddly enough, President Obama has ordered cruise missiles and drones to take out targets that often lead to the death of thousands of innocents.

Army Secretary John McHugh stripped Golsteyn of his award.

From the Washington Times:
Rep. Duncan Hunter, California Republican and a former Marine Corps officer who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, took up Maj. Golsteyn’s cause.
In the House Committee on Armed Services, Mr. Hunter won passage of an amendment to the 2016 defense budget/policy bill that would block a service secretary from doing what Mr. McHugh did.
A Democratic-controlled Senate authorized the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2001 and 2002. They have since made it as difficult as possible to win that war and in 2011, President Obama threw away our victory in Iraq by withdrawing, which has led to the Islamic State to take over half the country


  1. Obama's rules of engagement don't allow anyone but him to kill anybody. That needs to be relaxed to protect our troops.

  2. Politicized Army. How long can it last? How long before the officers up to Major, even Lt. Colonel, and the enlisted men realize nobody up the chain of command has their backs covered by anything but a telescopic sight, and just walk away?

  3. Destroy the country? That we can rebuild after it finally finishes collapsing.

    Destroying the military by replacing actual warriors with pc girly men might make rebuilding difficult as all the enemies who recognize the mess 0gabe and minions have made and take advantage of it (well, more than they already are...)

    Has the gov figured out a possible motive for the barb that shot up our military folks yet?

    Also, posing from firefox just doesn't work..