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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Mister Whoopee explains the Iranian deal to Tennessee Tuxedo and Chumley

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  1. Wasn't it just a short 10-12 years ago that the democrats were scoffing at the idea, ridiculing actually, that Iran had the capacity to build a bomb. Ran around saying Bush, et al, were scaremongering. Thought so. Now we have those two brilliant academics, Black and Freeman, giving us the Obama straw-man arguments: nuclear annihilation or deal (I prefer to let the Israelis handle it as needed). If this deal passes, and Iran gets all that cash freed up to help further the education of terrorists everywhere, the dems will be completely befuddled as to why terror attacks are not only more frequent, but more severe. You can't fix stupid, appeasement is provocative,...pick any suitable quote as the events unfold.

  2. Let's not forget how the Clinton administration stopped North Korea from getting the bomb. Wait! What? This deal will be just as effective. Like the Iranians are gonna honor the terms of this agreement? The stupid is strong with these people.

  3. They're lying, but not with straight faces; deeply crooked faces. Don't know how much they like cheese, but they are Surrender Monkeys.