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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Macy's dumps Trump, suffers backlash

In an effort to cozy up to illegal aliens and their supporters, Macy's dumped Donald Trump for telling it like it is on America's border.

Now the management of Macy's is learning the hard way that going against the conservative base to appease the liberal loony fringe is a loser; Macy's business suffers.

From TMZ:
Macy's is paying the price for sacking Donald Trump, because we've learned thousands of customers are cutting up their Macy's credit card in protest.
Sources connected to the department store tell TMZ, Macy's has received complaints from approximately 30,000 customers since ending its relationship with Trump nearly 2 weeks ago.
We're told the store has been "inundated with complaints" from customers who believe the department store is unfairly punishing Trump for his views on immigration.
Our sources say thousands of customers have vowed never to shop at Macy's again and many of them say they're cutting up their Macy's credit card to make a statement.
We're told the complaints have come in various ways, including phone, Facebook and email. A Macy's spokesperson would only say, "Our Facebook page is often times used by our customers to express their feelings or points of view. Many times it does not correlate to any action." 
The loss of 30,000 credit card customers to a company as large as Macy's likely is no big deal -- until you consider how hard previous managers at Macy's worked to get them.


  1. Those 30,000 are the ones who felt compelled to inform Macy's.

    The beauty of the free market is that you don't have to explain to a business that doesn't interest you any more. You just go somewhere else.

    1. Right. The business hopes you will tell them why. Otherwise, they only know from the financial statements.

  2. Submitting to the SJWs will hurt more than you know, or can guess.

  3. Macy's is too expensive. I avoid it at all costs.