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Saturday, July 18, 2015

If only soldiers had some way of protecting themselves

This headline amused me, although it should anger me: "Army to consider tighter security at recruiting centers."

Hmm. The Army is going to hire mall cops to protect it?

From the Hill:
The Army will look at how to better secure its recruiting centers, the Army chief said Friday, a day after a lone-wolf shooter killed four Marines at a reserve center in Chattanooga.  
"We will conduct an assessment once we get more information on what happened and we'll see if there's anything else we need to do in order to better secure our young men and women who are serving," Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno told Pentagon reporters Friday. 
On Thursday afternoon, authorities say, Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, a 24-year-old U.S. citizen originally from Kuwait, opened fire at a Navy recruitment center before driving to a Naval and Marine Corps reserve center a few miles away and opening fire again, killing four Marines. 
Odierno said Army recruiters, like Navy and Marine recruiters, are not armed. He said before considering it, the Army will have to figure out what happened and decide if that will make a difference. 
Gee, general, have you thought about maybe ARMING THE SOLDIERS?

Odierno is a Democratic General, more worried about sucking up to Chicken Hawks like Barack Obama and Joe Biden -- boys who send others into war without ever having worn the uniform -- than protecting his soldiers.



  1. 1. Arm the reruiters.
    2. Take down the stupid Gun Free Zone signs.

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  3. I think the obamas, jenners, Kardashians of the world have figured out that America has had ENOUGH of this ridiculous bs crammed down our throats daily. Our country is BETTER than what we're seeing and it's time to speak out against the "CHANGE" we (those that bought his line of s***) were sold.. This affirmative action poster child has ensured we will ALL have to eat our own feces for years to gain back our self respect.. Consider this; by serving honorably you are placed on a watchlist..thanks. Ever wonder WHY Napolitano can't watch the 'friendly people of Islam who visit rogue nation's and websites"? Because she has over 20 MILL vets who have been disenfranchised, marginalized, and talked to as if WE are the damned enemy!!! Wtf over? Odierno is worried (cuz Barry said so) about accidental discharges of servicemen protecting themselves.. First of all, this is coming from a dude who's body fat has cut air supply to his brain.. There are only NEGLIGENT DISCHARGES when dealing with firearms, hence the onus of INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY when handling one.. Something these tree hugging, special snowflake, everyone gets a trophy morons will always AVOID which is accountability and consequences for their OWN mistakes. For example, the "War on women" was started by who? HILLARY!!! This is the same person who DEMONIZED the TRUE victims (Willies sexual perversions) of her husband. If she can't handle one aahhm "man", what makes you think she can handle ANYTHING but the media around her? BTW, where IS Hillary now? Yeah, awol just like the 3am call she missed from Libya... Leadership is about character in the face of adversity, not cult of popularity.. WAKE UP AMERICA!!! These 'leaders' couldn't bench press a q-tip and yet every shorthanded, non fughting, scared, sheeple, cake eater will vote for them...again. our country needs leadership NOW as these Marines and Sailors deaths should be a call to WAKE UP and put those threatening OUR COMMON SENSE in prison where they belong... 30 yr Mayor singlehandedly DESTROYED a town in PA; crickets... And they want to disarm us? "Come take em". Breathe America, common sense, decency WILL prevail, just DON'T give up...ever!

    1. I am angered by your statement; because it wasn't said LOUDER!

  4. Where IS the Hilda beast now? Shredding copies to save her own fat ass! Lead by example is not in her DNA, that's for losers to do, right? Wrong. Imagine Billy trolling the wh drunk, while his wife is out bashing Marines, sailors and Soldiers some more. .. until she needs em to bleed some more to protect her name. Not one politician has openly declared WAR on these peaceful people of Islam while they cut heads off of American mothers..What is next? This is truly an "Obamanation" of epic proportions... Prayers for ALL servicemen hiding in civilian clothes now.. yup, that outta do it...