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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Government study says guns do not deter crime. OK, disarm the government

A CDC study commissioned by no one says guns do not deter crime.

OK, then disarm the Secret Service. The FBI. The Capitol Police. The IRS. In fact, take the gun from the millions of federal employees. Ban them from owning guns officially and personally.

From Live Science:
A high-profile shooting, like the June 17 crime that left dead nine members of a historically black church in Charleston, South Carolina, is typically followed by calls for greater gun control, along with counter arguments that the best way to stop gun crimes is with more guns. 
"The one thing that would have at least ameliorated the horrible situation in Charleston would have been that if somebody in that prayer meeting had a conceal carry or there had been either an off-duty policeman or an on-duty policeman, somebody with the legal authority to carry a firearm and could have stopped the shooter," presidential candidate Mike Huckabee said in a Fox News interview on June 19.
A new study, however, throws cold water on the idea that a well-armed populace deters criminals or prevents murders. Instead, higher ownership of guns in a state is linked to more firearm robberies, more firearm assaults and more homicide in general.
"We found no support for the hypothesis that owning more guns leads to a drop or a reduction in violent crime," said study researcher Michael Monuteaux, an epidemiologist and professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School. "Instead, we found the opposite."
OK, CDC, you go first. Guns down, hands up.


  1. The study was in NYC where only the thugs own guns. Doesn't count.

  2. Actually in places with concealed carry crimes go down, not up. Houston Texas has less gun deaths than Chicago which has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation. And dontcha just love some of these gun control nuts like Rosie O'Piggo who have armed bodyguards? Talk about hypocrites.

    An armed society is a polite society. - Robert A. Heinlein

  3. I don't see who initiated and financed this study, and the CDC is not a trustworthy source for this.

  4. One more thing. In Chicago someone is shot every 3 hours and 18 minutes. The stats are here. Gun control sure works in Chicago doesn't it? Maybe they should put up a bunch of Gun Free Zone signs.

  5. I once was told that if I had a gun in my house that home invaders would kill me with my own gun. I told her that they would have to club me to death with it because it would be empty.

  6. There may be a slight decrease in violent crime where concealed carry is allowed. The effect is small either way. Violent crime is directly related to race and ethnicity. No one wants to know that, because what the hell do you do about it? So we yell and scream about other things we pretend are the problem.

  7. There is also a very high correlation at the city level between violent crimes committed with guns and Democratic political control. I say it's high time we had commonsense laws regulating how many Democrats can be elected or hired into government offices. 25% or less would be a good test, I think.

  8. Actually criminals are very good at their craft. Which means they avoid locations and situations in which they may encounter an armed response. You don't see many gang bangers robbing a gun store (some, but they aren't the gifted ones) or police stations. Private ownership of guns does indeed deter crime. Read yourselves some John Locke research. Then develop an informed opinion instead of talking points.