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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Enter the Kasich

Republican Governor John Kasich of Ohio entered the presidential race today in the hope of being the first from Ohio in 96 years. That alone makes a good case for him.

Eight of the 43 men who were president (Cleveland had two presidencies) came from Ohio. The last president elected without Ohio was JFK, 55 years ago. So goes Ohio, so goes the USA.

Republicans did well with Ohio nominees from 1868 to 1920; Grant, Hayes, Harrison, McKinley, Taft, McKinley and Harding all won in that time. Roosevelt was the only non-Ohio nominee to win and Taft seeking a second term was the only Ohio nominee to lose, done in by Roosevelt splitting the party in two. Oh wait, Harrison lost his re-election bid as well. Still a 9-2 record for Republicans is remarkable. (I don't count the first President Harrison as he was not a Republican.)My first choice is Republican Governor Scott Walker based on his record and the way he pisses off liberals.

But Kasich is more experienced, balanced the federal budget as a congressman, has a fine record in Ohio, and is ready for prime time on TV.

However, many liberals like him: Mother Jones, and Daily Beast, The Club for Growth does not.

He is a conservative who has disappointed on occasion but not in a George H.W. Bush way. A Walker-Kasich ticket is unlikely as Carly Fiorina really is the only choice for vice president, unless she wins the nomination.

Give Kasich a chance.


  1. Sounds like a good man. As a candidate, let him take his chance.

  2. Isn't this the guv who is bankrupting his state by adopting the Medicare provisions of obamacare? What would make him different from obama?

  3. Jindal-Kasich. I'll go for Jindal-Kasich. Except for Trump, the rest of the contenders are nearly ready-made for a cabinet.