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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Campus justice (sort of) in California

A woman falsely accused a male student at University of California San Diego -- and university officials suspended him for one academic year and a quarter based solely on her complaint.

But a California state judge found no evidence to substantiate the charge -- no probable cause -- and threw the case out. He ordered the school to lift the suspension.

Incredibly, the university may appeal the judge's finding.
From the Los Angeles Times:
UC San Diego failed to give a fair trial to a male student it found responsible for sexual misconduct last year by refusing to allow him to fully confront and cross-examine his accuser, a judge has ruled.
In what is believed to be the first ruling against the University of California in a sexual misconduct case, San Diego County Superior Court Judge Joel M. Pressman found there was insufficient evidence to support charges that the student, identified only as John Doe, had pressed a classmate to engage in sexual activity against her will in February 2014. Pressman ordered the university to drop its finding against Doe and all sanctions, including a suspension of one year and a quarter.
"It's a huge relief," said Doe, who asked for anonymity to protect his future academic and career plans.
In a statement Monday, UC San Diego said officials were "continuing to evaluate the decision, including whether to appeal," and had no further comment.
How about a big apology to this young man whom the university railroaded.

I hope he has a good trial lawyer and goes after the university officials as individduals and the woman who perjured herself.

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