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Friday, July 10, 2015

Buck Howdy, water expert

From NBC:
The city of Poway, California, recently dumped 550,000 gallons of drinking water from a reservoir tank into a canyon because the water inside the tank went bad. “Into the canyon, yeah. And it pains me,” said Poway Mayor Steve Vaus.
Vaus said the city is a victim of its water conservation success after the water went "bad." Poway topped the county in water conservation in May with a 45-percent reduction. That’s the good news. Unfortunately, that meant the water in the Blue Crystal reservoir wasn’t used and sat stagnant. The water eventually exceeded state limits for chloramines.
“But here’s the thing,” said Vaus. “I’d much rather be standing here talking about having to dump a half million gallons of water than talking about people getting sick from drinking water that wasn’t safe.”
Government-run water is like government-run anything. I do not recall a corporate water company having these problems.

Mayor Steve Vaus is better known as Buck Howdy, a children's music singer. That's the person in charge of Poway water.


  1. So, nobody at the water department was checking on the water purity and content to endure it met state standards? Not a good sign.

  2. Government-run water isn't subject to the same rules. No one gets fined or fired over this

    1. Not entirely accurate to say "no one gets fined": the gubmint will find SOME way to fine users/consumers. It's the idiot government drones who don't get fined-- who should!!!