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Sunday, July 26, 2015

At least AP calls them fetal organs

For years, the abortion lobby has won the war of word. The Associated Press calls anti-abortion groups anti-abortion, which is accurate, but use "reproductive rights" to describe abortionists and their supporters. This is because the news media is dominated by abortion advocates.

But attempts by officials at the abortionist corporation Planned Parenthood have failed in their attempt to have baby parts from aborted babies called fetal tissue.

From the Associated Press: "WASHINGTON (AP) -- Two stealthily recorded videos show Planned Parenthood officials discussing how they provide aborted fetal organs for research. The videos have put the group and its Democratic allies on the defensive."

Fetal organs.

Why it is almost as if they were human.


  1. Infanticide. Pure and simple.

  2. Considered to be human is against the narrative of PP, the Feministas, the Left, and all the other so-called (and self proclaimed) "Champions of Humanity".