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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Aborting babies damaged Planned Parenthood's souls

News reports that the Center for Medical Progress heavily edited its tapes of its sting on Planned Parenthood are themselves heavily edited because the reporter/abortion advocates who say that fail to tell their audience that the Center for Medical Progress took the unusual step of releasing the entire transcript oft he sting on Mary Gatter, medical director of Planned Parenthood of Pasadena and San Gabriel Valley, and Laurel Felczer, senior director of medical services there.

When was the last time a television station or network made such a full disclosure?

A careful reading shows the damage years of aborting babies 60 hours a week -- which is what Gatter said she did before retiring -- does to a person's soul. I really pity Dr. Gatter and Laurel Felczer.

Gatter, Laurel (as she is listed) and a fake buyer of aborted baby parts discussed money and other matters. First, the Lamborghini Moment when Gatter haggled over prices:
Buyer: And are we agreed that $100 would keep you happy.
Laurel: I think so—
Dr. Gatter: Well let me agree to find out what other affiliates in California
are getting, and if they’re getting substantially more, then we can discuss it
Buyer: Yes.
Dr. Gatter: I mean, the money is not the important thing, but it has to be big
enough that it is worthwhile.
Buyer: No, no, but it is something to talk about. I mean, it was one of the
first things you brought up, right? So.
Dr. Gatter: Mhm.
Buyer: Now here’s another thought, is we could talk about specimen, per
specimen per case, or per procured tissue sample.
Dr. Gatter: Mhm.
Buyer: So if we’re able to get a liver/thymus pair, maybe that is $75 per
specimen, so that’s a liver/thymus pair and that’s $150.
Dr. Gatter: Mhm.
Buyer: Versus if we can get liver, thymus, and a brain hemisphere, and all
that, then that’s—
Dr. Gatter: Okay.
Buyer: So that protects us so that we’re not paying for stuff we can’t use.
And I think it also maybe illustrates things—
Dr. Gatter: It’s been years since I talked about compensation, so let me just
figure out what others are getting, if this is in the ballpark, it’s fine, if it’s
still low then we can bump it up. I want a Lamborghini. [laughs]
Buyer: [Laughs] What did you say?
Dr. Gatter: I said I want a Lamborghini! [laughs]
Buyer: Don’t we all, right?
So much for the notion that Planned Parenthood is only covering expenses.

But the transcript is a treasure trove of insight into this retired abortionist. While Planned Parenthood says it is giving women a choice, it pushes them to abort their babies.
Gatter: Here’s a side issue, if we use your staff to do the consenting, obviously
this is your employee, not our employee. And so far when’s she’s dealing with
out patients, she took all those courses; how to talk about abortion, how to talk
about this, how to talk about that.
Laurel: They’re probably a couple that it would fall under, that we’d want her to
Gatter: Her status wouldn’t be independent contractor. It would beLaurel:
I don’t know whatBuyer:
You feel like Planned Parenthood would contract with our tech or?
Gatter: We would have a contract with you guys that would specify some of
these things. (inaudible) It would specify that you wear a nametag, all those
How to talk to women about abortion. The abortionist as the priestess. Then there is the passage where she casually talks about aborting 12-year-olds without the knowledge of their parents:
Buyer: And so it’s literally eight hundred surgical procedures a year. Wow.
Gatter: That’s surgical. Our medical is up too, medicine abortion came around in
two thousand (inaudible) Who would want to do this? (inaudible) come in for a
quick little surgical procedure. It turn out a lot of women would rather do that than
come in for any kind of surgical procedure. So our- it might be as many as thirty
percent of out total AB volume is not medicine abortion. That’s not- it isn’t helpful
to you.
Buyer: No. So, you found that- that surprised you when
Gatter: Yea, I was surprised. I’ve learned from my experience and (inaudible)
But I was surprised. Plus there was a lot of fear, back in two thousand that our
phone lines would be overwhelmed but you know, if you do proper counseling up
front, and what to expectGatter:
You know, when we first, we got calls from 12-year-old kids who hadn’t
told their parents they were coming in, who were horrified, they were now
bleeding, cramping, some of them went to the emergency rooms, some of the
emergency rooms were Catholic hospitals, so you know, all this kind of stuff goes
on, but in general, we now have permission to go to 10 weeks as well, the
original FDA was approved up to 7 weeks, and then evidence-based protocols
started- I wonder if my- let me just walk out there, she’s usually pretty reliable. 
The parents don't know. The child has to go through post-traumatic stress alone. No talk about calling the police to report the rape -- and yes it is rape when a 12-year-old has sex with a man or anyone 15 and older.

The casual approach to abortion is de-humanizing.

Which I believe is the whole point of legalized abortion, to make people body parts. "Soylent Green" got it wrong; it is the unborn, not the old that we sacrifice on the altar of medical science. Dr. Gatter ironically is the collateral damage in each abortion.


  1. I'd read the "heavily edited video" statements, and immediately thought the unedited video, complete and unabridged, would nail them to the walls when it is released. I'm pretty sure they DON'T want that to happen.

  2. You are assuming they started with souls. Did mengele have a soul?

  3. I hope they get every single thing that is coming to them. Hell can't burn hot enough for them as far as I'm concerned. Beyond disgusting.

  4. Isn't it the Left that hates capitalizing on dead bodies? Supposedly? Or anything that makes money?