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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What? Obama let down black voters?

Blasphemy hit the pages of the Washington Post with this headline: "Let down by Obama, some black voters ask: Is it even worth backing Clinton?"

How dare they!

From the Washington Post:
Jacksonville, Fla. — During those two electric Novembers, the chance to elect a black president, and then keep him in office, seized Regenia Motley’s neighborhood.
Nightclubs were registering voters. Churches held fish fries after loading buses that ferried parishioners to the polls. A truck hoisted a big sign that said “Obama.” And residents waited in long lines at precincts across the community.
But as Motley and some friends sought shade recently under a mulberry tree and looked across the landscape of empty lots and abandoned houses that has persisted here, they wondered whether they would ever bother voting again.
“What was the point?” asked Motley, 23, a grocery store clerk. “We made history, but I don’t see change.”
On Jacksonville’s north side and in other struggling urban neighborhoods across the country, where Barack Obama mobilized large numbers of new African American voters who were inspired partly by the emotional draw of his biography, high hopes have turned to frustration: Even a black president was unable to heal places still gripped by violence, drugs and joblessness.
The dynamic, made prominent in recent months after unrest in Baltimore and Ferguson, Mo., sets up a stark challenge for Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Democratic presidential front-runner.
While supporting Obama became a cause for many here rather than a typical campaign, Clinton faces a higher bar in making a case that she, too, can be a transformative figure.
Her campaign is planning to build on the multiethnic coalition that turned out to support Obama. Running to be the first female president, Clinton will also try to generate Obama-like enthusiasm among new voters — those who were too young to turn out for Obama or have not previously been engaged with politics.
Yet as her allies prepare to register voters and expand the black electorate, her candidacy presents residents here with a question: If Obama’s presidency didn’t do more to help African Americans, then how could hers?
Racist. Sexist. How dare the newspaper compare the Democratic Party narrative to the facts.

That's the worst is a political writer for a newspaper can be in the 21st century -- a journalist.


  1. Dang it, Don, TRUTH is no defense!

  2. As I keep saying, blacks did far better under Reagan and both Bushes that they have under Obungerl.

  3. “What was the point?” asked Motley, 23, a grocery store clerk. “We made history, but I don’t see change.”

    The problem in a nutshell, the belief that gov't can solve a moral rot.

  4. Poor black people in Jacksonville gave Obama their vote and they're still waiting for the government to shower them with riches. Rich white people gave Obama a lot of money to win election and in victory he showered them with gold beyond their dreams.

    "What was the point?" It's not worth voting? Damn right it's not. There is nothing Hillary will do---or can do---to solve the problem of black poverty, something that is self-inflicted. If poor blacks vote for Hillary, they will be disappointed again. She will use them. Democrats always use them.

    Money talks. Become rich, rich begets influence, influence begets more money. If blacks want to have influence, they need to become rich first, on their own, then they can use their money the way rich white people do to acquire influence. Government will not, can not, eliminate poverty. Obama's misguided economic policies have seen to that. You don't want to be poor? Then you've got to "build it yourself." Bread does not fall from the heavens. You, someone, has to bake it. That's the point of it all.

  5. The Washington Post says with their headline: "Let down by Obama, some black voters ask: Is it even worth backing Clinton?"It doesn't matter for Obama, because he is not a candidate. BS/MD programs