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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"There's no way I'm standing behind her."

Lyle Mitchell, husband of the prison worker who helped two murderers escape from prison in New York, has a message for the world: "There's no way I'm standing behind her."

Cheer the sanity. After years of watching women like Huma Abedine, Hillary Clinton, Silda Spitzer and the rest of the Ivy League Educated Democratic Feminists stand by their lying, cheating husbands, it is refreshing to hear a real American give an honest answer.

From NBC:
The woman charged with helping two killers escape from an upstate New York prison by providing them with hacksaw blades, chisels and other tools was visited in jail Tuesday by her husband, also a prison worker, but not because he supported her, according to the husband's lawyer.
Peter Dumas, the lawyer for Lyle Mitchell, knocked down earlier claims that he was standing by his wife Joyce Mitchell, 51, telling NBC News: "Nothing could be further from the truth."
Dumas said that his client told him, "There's no way I'm standing behind her." 
Dumas told NBC News that Lyle Mitchell simply wanted to ask his wife some lingering questions in light of reports that she may have plotted with David Sweat and Richard Matt, to kill Lyle. In an interview with NBC News Monday, District Attorney Andrew Wylie declined to comment on the possible plot.
His lying, cheating wife not only had sex with an inmate but she plotted to kill her husband.

I get the feeling he will not only survive, but prevail.


  1. "Lyle Mitchell, husband of the prison worker who helped two murderers escape from Rikers Island . . ."

    Uh, Rikers is nowhere near upstate New York, and certainly not the site of the escape. Pesky details.

  2. I guess "good riddance to bad rubbish" applies here, and he can divorce her without having to pay alimony.