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Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Frozen People

Freezing embryos for gestation and birth later is a scientific accomplishment, I guess. John Burger reported there now are a 1 million frozen embryos in the United States alone.

Now some of the parents want to adopt out these embryos because they likely will never get around to thawing them and having them later.

From John Burger:
The National Embryo Donation Center in Tennessee, which is endorsed by the Christian Medical Association, the Times article says, places embryos only with heterosexual couples married at least three years. But same-sex couples will no doubt find that discriminatory. Embryo Donation International, on the other hand, is a Florida company that works with singles and couples who are either homosexual or heterosexual. The agency requires no home study.
“We’re not here to save embryos; we’re here to build families,” said Dr. Craig Sweet, its medical director.
Though the Church has been clear in its teaching against reproductive technologies like IVF, there is still an open debate on the morality of "embryo rescue."
I realize the two are not the same but I cannot see how you could oppose abortion and not support embryo rescue. Then again how can you support abortion and turn around and support this.

But what really has me thrown for a loop -- and I know it doesn't work this way -- is how the woman warms up the embryo.


  1. Pretty sure it's the med center that warms it up.

  2. Way back when, when the whole IVF thing first started, I remember my mother thinking it was a bad idea. I didn't understand why not, but I do now. It was the start of a slippery slope. And we've been heading down it at a breakneck speed for awhile