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Friday, June 19, 2015

Shucks, no President Fauxcahontas

Liberal Elizabeth Warren, the woman who lied about being an American Indian to get a $400,000-a-year job at Harvard, won't be able to lie her way into a $400,000-a-year job at the White House. The billionaire backers of are moving on from trying to prop her up as a presidential candidate, NBC reported.

From NBC:
The effort to draft Elizabeth Warren is finally coming to a close.
Weeks after and Democracy for America shuttered their own campaign to entice the liberal senator into the 2016 presidential race, the super PAC that started the draft Warren effort almost a year ago is getting behind Sen. Bernie Sanders.
Ready for Warren is launching a new initiative Friday called Ready to Fight that will back Sanders, two sources close to the group told msnbc. Ready for Warren will carry on in some capacity for supporters still holding out for Warren to enter the race.
At 65, she is too young to run in a Democratic Party who will select among Hillary (67), Biden (72) and Sanders (73). The party has not had a new idea since she was born back when Harry Truman was president.

Lie harder, honey. 2020 is only five years away. You'll be over 70 -- prime time for the party nomenklatura.


  1. The word you want is 'nomenklatura', which is Russian for "the Party In-Crowd".
    I'm glad to hear they've "moved on".

  2. As I seem to remember the leaders of the Soviet Union were all pretty old too, hmmm.