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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Rachel Dolezal: Poster Girl For White Liberalism

Rachel Dolezal represents the greatest fear among white American liberals: The fear that people will realize what a pack of lies they are built on.

The article: "Rachel Dolezal Embodies White America’s Fears" in the white liberal magazine The New Republic is a weird piece of projection that originally was defensively titled: "Rachel Dolezal And Caitlyn Jenner Are Not The Same."

Whew, for a minute there I thought Kim Kardashian's stepfather had a racial identity crisis on top of his sexual confusion. Author Sarah Marshall has written three consecutive pieces on the subject of Jenner, which represents a half-month's output for her. She has a nice imagination, attacking Hannibal Lector as a transgenderphobic fantasy.

In this piece she just lost it:
Ultimately, Rachel Dolezal’s story seems like a story about fear. It expresses the fear all white Americans have, or should have: fear of acknowledging our own cultural history as creators of trauma and inflictors of abuse; fear of acknowledging the guilt inherent in this narrative, and, even more staggeringly, taking on the task of alchemizing guilt into something useful. Dolezal’s story also expresses, in its most redemptive moments, the love and respect she truly seemed to have for African-American culture — and the weakness that allowed her to see it not as a culture she wanted to use her white privilege to advocate for, but as a shelter in which she could hide from herself.
Which begs the question: If she was so full of white guilt that she pretended to be black, why did she sue Howard University and claim she was discriminated against because she is white?

I have not inflicted abuse on anyone. By the time I became an adult, not only had slavery ended but the Civil Rights Acts of 1957, 1964, 1965 and 1968 were the law of the land. It was mandatory in college to take black history. I am pretty sure at 61 that the real problem among liberals is a pining for the good old days when their cause was just. Now their cause is as fake and forced as an Africana studies professor who pretends she is white in order to advance academically.

The real problem for liberals is Rachel Dolezal is a joke. And we know how they cannot take one.


  1. This whole idea of consigning cultural repression to the dustbin of history is complete and utter crap. These leftists agitating on behalf of the culturally repressed are hell-bent on repressing the culture of their perceived oppressors, thereby just reversing roles. The SJW movement is not about relegating cultural repression to the annals of history; rather, it's about imposing the "right kind" of cultural repression.

    Racial Dolezal bought into the SJW pyramid scheme. Perhaps her decision was fortuitous: Her misfortunes of late perfectly illustrate the cognitive dissonance and logical inconsistencies of the liberal world view.

  2. That last paragraph just screams out how the leftists are so messed up.

  3. While a few gentry leftists (white and black) have lamely tried to defend Dolezal's actions, most prefer to cast her into the Outer Racist Darkness, where there is only weeping and gnashing of teeth. TNR's Sarah Marshall is an example of the latter, and how they will do anything to avoid confronting the massive inconsistencies and contradictions in their zany worldview.

    Suppose "transracial" became accepted and trendy in the same way "transgender" has, and anybody could say they are an oppressed black person. Who would be left that Sarah Marshall could demonize and dehumanize for fun and profit? What would Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, and Jesse Jackson do if there was nobody left for them to hate?

  4. If it's permissible now for a white woman to be transblack, should it not be okay for a black man to be transwhite? In which case, it's time to put an end to calling people like Clarence Thomas "oreos". Thomas is as much entitled to buy into white culture as Racial Dolezal was to buy into black culture. The days of slurs and insults are over....finished....done.

  5. Rachel Dolezal? You mean Ain't Jemima?

  6. Stuff like this makes me wonder how long before this becomes more than random internet humor:
    I saw it on my funny page yesterday, and it appears to apply.
    (Warning: thanks to all the unwanted flashy blinky crap that was pushed across my dial up connection back in the day, I have this machine set up in revenge mode. So follow that link at you own peril.)

  7. What I read from this pitiful story is that it's alright to say anything to advance your agenda. So, "whatever it takes to succeed", is now acceptable to those who are left of center? Seems to me a party in Germany said much the same in 1938, who were also left of center.