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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Post riots, Baltimore to make city safer for commuters

The riots, looting and arson by thugs in Baltimore has not only led to a surge in rampant murder -- it set a record for thugs killing people in May -- but now has spurred officials to dust off plabs for a light rail project to allow commuters to get in and out of the city safer.

Billed as helping the poor leave the ghetto, this is really to keep suburbanites from worrying about their safety -- especially after rioters threatened to attack people who attended a Baltimore Orioles game.

But the press is making thing sound like something it ain't:
BALTIMORE (Reuters) - Maryland officials are eying a $2.9 billion light rail project long in the works for Baltimore as a way of combating the crushing poverty that fueled rioting in the city after the police-custody death of Freddie Gray.
Backers say the proposed Red Line light rail project could speed city residents to jobs and help end the isolation of poor neighborhoods, some of which still bear the scars of race riots in the 1960s.
But critics call the years-old project flawed and too costly. A final decision rests with Maryland's Republican Governor Larry Hogan, who was elected as a tax-cutter and has questioned the cost of the project and that of a $2.45 billion light rail project proposed for the Washington suburbs, the Purple Line.
Brian O'Malley, president of the non-profit Central Maryland Transportation Alliance, which backs the Red Line, said the rioting in April over Gray's death from injuries sustained in police custody had shone a light on the many problems that poor Baltimore neighborhoods face.
"People being cut off economically was one of the issues that it highlighted" that the rail line would address, he said.

And yet there are ghettos and poverty in ever city that has light rail transportation.


  1. There are ghettos and poverty in every city that has riots.

    You want stores? Don't loot and burn your city.

  2. Isn't it ironic that the Baltimore mayor lobbied heavily for a CVS store that she had no problem with the rioters looting and burning? After all, it "was only property". The liberals and black activists keep crying about "food deserts" when the reason there are food deserts is no smart businessman would open a store that was likely to be looted and burned. And when someone does open a store they scream about high prices and gouging when one of the many reasons the prices are high is because of risk and shoplifting by people like St. Michael of Swisher Sweets.