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Friday, June 12, 2015

Perry makes liberal heads explode


Hillary Clinton called the entire state of Texas racist because Texans want to make sure Democrats do not vote multiple times in 2016, which is the only way she could win.

Rick Perry ripped her nonsensical argument in shreds. On Fox News, he pointed out that because she flies on private plans paid for by corporate donors and foreign dictators (through her tax-exempt "foundation") that she never has to give an ID when she boards a plane, unlike him.

From Rick Perry: "Actually, the people of the state of Texas is who she’s taken on because that was a law that was passed by the people of the state of Texas," he responded. "She just went into my home state and dissed every person who supports having an identification to either get on an airplane or to vote. It’s highly popular."

Over at billionaire George Soros-funded Talking Points Memo, reaction was hyena-level.
Psst...Rick...Flying on an airplane is not a fundamental right granted to all Americans of voting age. Flying on a plane is a contract between a private company and the purchaser of the ticket. And BTW -those glasses aren't making you smarter.
In other words, only those people with sufficient financial means to purchase airline tickets should be allowed to vote.
Ok Professor Perry. Show me in the Constitution where it says "Flying on a Plane is an inalienable right".
Next, this asshole will claim that: "Poll Taxes make sense to me." "I had to PAY to get on a plane, why not to vote?"
Interestingly, abortion is no more an enumerated right than the right to fly. 
Liberals have not had a new idea since 1848 when Marx published them. It's all been bullying, cheating and insults since then.


  1. To get into many federal buildings, e.g., a courthouse in response to a summons for jury duty, requires an ID, at least where I live. Are the liberals going to claim a summons for jury duty can be ignored by anyone who doesn't have an ID and can't gain entry to the courthouse?

  2. Show me in the Constitution where it says "Flying on a Plane is an inalienable right

    Show me where in the Constitution it says that voting is an inalienable right. I'm serious: where in the Constitution is the right to vote guaranteed? What people assume is true, sometimes is not. The answer in this case might surprise you.

    1. PS: Two part question, second part: Where in the Constitution does it say someone cannot vote twice, or three times, or multiple times, or in several different states?

    2. It is in that "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" clause; these things are generally signifiers of happiness.


    3. Follow up: show me where in the Constitution it says marriage is an inalienable right.

      Show me where in the Constitution it says education is an inalienable right.

      Show me where in the Constitution it says welfare, health care and the minimum wage are inalienable rights.

  3. Actually, voting is not a Constitutional right in itself. What the Constitution says is that voting cannot be denied due to race (15th Amendment), sex (19th Amendment), or by age if 18 or older (26th Amendment). Other qualifications/prerequisites are left to the States.

    1. You are correct TennLion! Congratulations. Voting is such a fundamental, inalienable right, the Founding Fathers didn't bother to incorporate a clear defense of that right within the seven Articles of the Constitution itself. It isn't until the 15th A. that voting rights are mentioned, but even there the wording does not spell out specifics as to who can vote, only that the right to vote cannot be denied or limited on the basis of race or condition of servitude (i.e., status as former slave rather than freeman). And since the right to vote can be conditioned upon age, as is clear from the 26th A., it is ipso facto not an inalienable right. By definition, inalienable rights cannot be qualified or conditioned.

  4. Hmm, so background checks for firearms infringe on my rights?

    Hypocrisy, they name is leftist.

  5. Don, you left "lying" off your list. They do a LOT of that.