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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Our media overlords: You can keep your tax exemption, period

The Los Angeles Times wants you to believe that churches that refuse to hold gay marriages will not lose their tax exemption.

Sure they won't.

From the Los Angeles Times:
A hot question in conservative circles for months gained steam Friday with the Supreme Court's landmark decision on same-sex marriage. The concern: Could a church-related institution, such as a college, lose its tax exemption for refusing to give equal treatment to same-sex couples?
While it’s possible that issue may arise down the road, we’re a long way from that now.
The precedent would be the case of Bob Jones University in South Carolina, which lost its tax exemption because its official policy was to expel anyone who dated a person of another race. The Nixon administration first threatened to take away the school’s tax exemption in 1970. The IRS didn’t actually act until January 1976. The Supreme Court finally ruled on the case in 1983, which was 16 years after the court in Loving vs. Virginia struck down laws against interracial marriage.
But a minister refusing to perform a same-sex marriage is a very different issue. 
Sure it is, pal. Sure it is.

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