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Thursday, June 04, 2015

Obamacare's chickens come home to roost

Hawai'i faces the largest health insurance premium increase in its history, thanks to Hawaiian native Barack Obama's federalization of the health insurance industry

By increasing demand through compulsory coverage, Obama has succeeded in pushing prices sky high for his friends in the insurance industry, such as mega-billionaire Warren Buffett.

From the state of Hawai'i:
State Insurance Commissioner Gordon Ito today issued the following statement regarding HMSA’s request filed with the Insurance Division to raise premiums for individual Affordable Care Act (ACA) health plans for 2016:
“This is the highest premium increase ever requested by HMSA. The requested increase for an average of 49.1 percent for the ACA individual plan will be closely scrutinized.
“The Insurance Division will actively seek reductions to the proposed request, where possible, to ensure fairness to all parties involved.
“If medical expenditures paid out for healthcare services under the ACA individual plan are too high, the division’s ability to drastically reduce this requested increase will be limited.”
Everyone who calls this an unintended consequence has not been paying attention. They want to raze the health care system in order to save it.


  1. I agree that they want to raze the system, but NOT, NO WAY! do they want to save it.

  2. None of this was necessary since Hawaii has had a very successful universal health insurance program since 1974, which insured over 90% of its population and at its peak covered nearly 98% of the entire state. Hawaii's insurance plan received a waiver from Congress that was written directly into the Obamacare law, but Hawaii's legislature chose to participate in Obamacare all the same.

  3. The voters will demand that the government "do something" and the "something" will be single payer government run health care which has been the end game all along. The insurance companies who supported Obummercare will find out that they will be put out of business with single payer. They looked at the short term and will pay the price for helping the government pass Obummercare. The problem is we will be the ones who will suffer as the best health care in the world will be no more.

    1. When the government gives something to people for free, the people end up paying the price.