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Monday, June 15, 2015

Now solar is baa-ad

Conservationists care about the environment.

Environmentalists merely push Luddite socialism. The latest example comes from an effort to stop a solar power plant in, where else, California.

From Investors Business Daily:
This week, leading environmental groups cheered when the city of Los Angeles refused to buy electricity from a proposed new power plant.
"The Sierra Club is delighted to see the city do the right thing and choose not to sign a power purchase agreement with this harmful project," Sarah Friedman, a senior campaign representative with the organization, told the Los Angeles Times.
The Natural Resources Defense Council said it had "significant concerns" about the project.
So what are we talking about here? A new CO2-spewing coal plant? Something that runs on "extraordinarily dirty" oil from the Canadian tar sands?
Nope. These environmentalist groups are celebrating the likely demise of a solar power plant slated to be built in the Mojave Desert.

The article went on to say these socialists are fighting on behalf of 100 sheep.

They want a nation of sheep.


  1. Here is how it works, you Christianist wingnuts. Solar energy requires the sun. The sun is hot. Therefore solar power will cause the earth to become hot. Settled science!

    You deniers should also know that the temperature of the sun is eleventy bazillion degrees, or something like that. 97% of all scientists will tell you the high temperature of the sun comes from the burning of fossil fuels, fracking, too many SUVs being driven on the sun, transgenderphobia, the nation's crumbling infrastructure, and the NRA's opposition to sensible gun control.

    1. now that there is the truth....

    2. Geez, you could have just said: Because deniers.

    3. So glad I am going through Don's older posts.

      I couldn't stop laughing.


  2. I heard the sun is what causes global warming and Hillary's chilling smile could snuff it out.

  3. The problem is the plant has proven very effective at flash frying birds out of the sky. The number of birds the oil industry was heavily fined for killing over several years, this solar plant roasted in flight in a single day.

  4. First, the conservationists said it was bad for the desert tortoise.

  5. Luddites?

    Neanderthals ... sheesh, blooming morons.