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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Liberals oppose boycotts

Reverend Franklin Graham is urging Christians to boycott Wells Fargo Bank because it has a commercial that shows a lesbian couple in a positive manner.

Liberals are screaming bloody murder. Never mind the grape boycott, the Chick Fil A boycott, the Home Depot boycott, and dozens more, How dare a Christian follow his conscience.

From Patheos -- in a post promoted by Bing: "Franklin Graham, the man who took his father’s legacy and used it to hurt people he deemed unworthy of his God’s love, went on Facebook to urge Christians to boycott LGBT-friendly companies."

From Ring of Fire: "Billy Graham’s Church Outraged by This Commercial; Watch It and Wonder Why."

From Queerty: " Franklin Graham, one of America’s finest Christians, using his Facebook page to rant about a recent Wells Fargo advertisement that uses a same-sex couple to promote learning sign language. We don’t agree, but we’ll share your message to alert the world to the message of ignorance and intolerance you’re preaching."

Liberals are hypocrites.

Water is wet.


  1. You forgot to mention the pressure on Limbaugh's advertisers, many who have left despite his 18 million listeners.

  2. and he raised his advertising rates dunce

  3. It feels like I'm calling YOU a dunce, rather than just trying to respond to you. Hrm, that's kinda meta.

  4. Turn about, fair play, all that. Dems/libs/progs/lefties just H8 that!