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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Liberals fiddle while Obamacare burns

The copy desk at the Star-Tribune in Minneapolis couldn't bring itself to be honest in headlining this story by Christopher Snowbeck: "Big premium increases that Minnesota insurers proposed last week reflect losses they’ve been taking in a part of the market targeted by the federal health law."

Instead of  attributing the losses to the federal law -- the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act -- the headline read: "Big premium increase requests show volatility in health care market."

Health care act ? What health care act? The newspaper's fine staff of grammarians, fact-checkers and headline writers could not be honest enough and tell it like it is. That is because liberals are watching the collapse of socialized medicine in America. Hawaii's once superb single-payer system has become the most expensive in the world. Obamacare has forced Vermont to abandon ship on its plan to implement single-payer health insurance.

Now this.

From the Minnesota newspaper:
Higher rates on that coverage would help close the gap, though the size of the increases will attract attention amid scrutiny of the effects of the Affordable Care Act. If regulators were to approve the full amounts, average premiums would increase by more than 50 percent for about 179,000 people, and by more than 10 percent for another 60,000.
Insurers say they are making adjustments now that they have more experience under the health care law, which will cover a chunk of first-year losses.
“This just shows the volatility that we’re experiencing in the first few years of the Affordable Care Act,” said Lynn Blewett, a health policy expert at the University of Minnesota. “Eventually, it will work itself out into a more stable market.”
Observers say the proposed increases are driven largely by factors that are unique to the individual market, and don’t point to similar jumps for employer groups and government programs that cover roughly 90 percent of Minnesotans.
But the individual market, which includes the state’s MNsure exchange, grew by about 53 percent last year to about 292,138 people, according to the Minnesota Council of Health Plans. Low rates that some people initially found on MNsure have already started to go away.
A 53% hike in MNsure despite huge federal subsidies? Affordable care is becoming too expensive.


  1. As the articles says, it is the individual health insurance plans, not the group insurance plans, that are affected by these large premium increases. More than 90% of the people in Hawaii are insured under employer group plans, which historically have experienced smaller premium increases. It's the individual plans that are getting socked. It's a good reason to eliminate the individual mandate of Obamacare, but that can't happen as long as Obama is president.

    1. Ah! But the One believes in fairness! As long as he gets to tell you what fair is.....

    2. Ah! But the One believes in fairness! As long as he gets to tell you what fair is.....

  2. No-Blame Obama must be protected from any hint of responsibility, and his Democrat henchpeople, too.

  3. I saw a poll where a majority of Americans want the Supremes to leave Obummercare subsidies alone. We're doomed!