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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Liberalism explained in two photos

Mocking prisoners of war at Abu Ghraib upset liberals in 2006.

Beheading Christians in 2015 does not.

But hey, never question their patriotism.


  1. I will, because it makes the sooo MADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

  2. I'm a liberal.

    In the first photo, we criticize OURSELVES for the mistreatment of PoWs. And we are correct for doing so.

    In the second photo, we have reason to be angry for war crimes, but not by our hand. We have reason to be angry because of the abuse of power in both cases, the violation of human rights, in both cases, and for war crimes in the latter.

    Neither is a matter of "patriotism," as you imply. It is not a matter of "us vs. them," either, as your simplistic "explanation" suggests.

    Anybody believing that liberalism can be explained by your post, and only believe so with a challenged intellect.

    1. Thanks. Putting patriotism in scary quotes confirms your contempt for our country.