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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Jeb's money woes

A funny thing happened on the way to a Clinton-Bush rematch in 2016. No one wanted it.

The Washington Post reported Jeb is having a difficult time getting his Super Friends to part with their Super Wealth as he heads for an official announcement as the 11th Republican in the race.

From the Washington Post:
A super PAC backing former Florida governor Jeb Bush is likely to fall short of collecting $100 million by the end of this month, despite widespread expectations that the group would hit that record-breaking sum, according to people close to the operation.
The exact size of the war chest is closely held, but two individuals familiar with internal discussions believe the total that the Right to Rise super PAC will report in mid-July could be substantially lower than the nine figures that senior Republicans have anticipated.
That would be a major psychological blow for Bush’s operation, whose fundraising prowess has raised expectations about how much cash it has been amassing. Bush’s schedule for the past five months has been dominated by high-priced fundraisers for the super PAC, helping the group stockpile tens of millions.
There is no doubt that he will raise more money than anyone early on. But when you are trying to be the Candidate Too Big To Fail and you fail like this, you become a joke.

By the way, in 2012, Rick Perry entered the race with more money raised than even Romney. How did that work out?


  1. Not a JEB fan. Three Bushes crowd the yard. Two Clintons trample the yard.

  2. "Jeb is having a difficult time getting his Super Friends to part with their Super Wealth"

    What a pity.

    Walker/Cruz 2016