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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

It will be Biden

An editorial in the Washington Times should be the last place to look for guidance on the Democratic Party presidential nomination process, but the one today revealed that Hillary has lost the most important Democratic Party -- the media.

From the Washington Times: "Two new polls released Tuesday show that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is not on any sort of glide-path to the U.S. presidency. The full effect of Peter Scheitzer´s new book, Clinton Cash, is starting to make itself felt. Schweitzer´s simple and sound investigative work has been picked up and expanded upon by the mainstream media, showing how the Clintons have enriched themselves and filled their foundation´s coffers with help from corporate and foreign interests with business before the State Department under her tenure."

Now why have media mainstreamers picked up on this while they ignored nearly 8 years President Obama's affiliation with with a host of radically anti-American bums such as Bill Ayers and a razor thin resume? Hillary's people shopped the story of Jeremiah Wright's G-d damn America around for months before desperately getting Fox News to bite. Hey, Wright was only the man behind Obama's big book, "The Audacity Of Hope."

Reporters and their bosses liked him, hated her. In their eyes she is not the faux feminist who turned a blind eye to her husband's serial seductions and outright fondling of women. No, they dislike her because Bill Clinton did not do all those radical things Barack Obama did. Gay marriage? Clinton made it more difficult? Gays in the military? Clinton codified don't ask, don't tell. Welfare state? Clinton ended it as we knew it. And then there was Hillarycare. She blew it.

So yes, she has lost the media primary and the only one left on the Democratic bench is not Spiro T. O'Malley or Weekend With Bernie. Look for the Obama Magic Machine to prop up Joe Biden.


  1. Well, I don't know. Bill has that roguish charm. Hillary might have a charm bracelet, but no charm.

  2. If Biden gets in, there would have to be a whole new set of "alphabet agencies" to investigate the comedians of the world.

  3. A majority of Women will vote for her even if she runs from a cell in Leavenworth. Joe will enjoy retirement more anyway.