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Monday, June 08, 2015

Hillary fatigue

Democrat Lincoln Chafee is running for president for one reason: Hillary is too crooked.

Without actually calling her a crook -- he is too much a gentleman -- he called her that on CNN.

From Lincoln Chafee:
"It’s a long record going back over decades of questionable ethical practices. People groan when I bring up Whitewater and all these things, the Rose Law Firm records; it seems like it never stops.
"Now, we are into the tenure of secretary of State and the emails and of course the Clinton Foundation donations at the same time the State Department is making critical decisions, combined with some of those donations by the Clinton Foundation. It's just too close and too many ethical questions.
"Over my 30-year record in public office, I've never had any ethical questions about my behavior."
True. As a Republican he served Rhode Island as a U.S. senator and later as governor as an independent. I don't see her getting the nomination, for the very reasons Chafee cited.


  1. The Dems just may be that desperate, Don.

  2. Who would have figured the democrats would nominate an inexperienced communist in 2008 or an incompetent in 2012 but they did. So, never over estimate the democrats wish to stay in power. They've already proven they'll sell their soul to the devil if they think they'll win. If they think hillary has a chance to win, they'll nominate her.

  3. I have one question: Will Hillary buy the New York Times endorsement this time as she did in 2008? You know it's not a question of whether the Times can be bought. It's just a question of what their asking price is and how desperate Hillary's campaign will get without the Times fawning press coverage.