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Monday, June 22, 2015

Global warming will make hair grow on the palms of your hand

OK, they have not said, "Global warming will make hair grow on the palms of your hand."


Today's Global Warming Propaganda comes from the Telegraph: “Bread baked using wheat produced under expected climate conditions in 2050 results in smaller loaves due to reduced levels of protein in grain.”

How does this preposterous situation occur?

From the Telegraph:
The loaves, based on mid-century atmospheric carbon dioxide levels predicted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, were baked by researchers at the Victorian government and Melbourne University.
They emerged smaller and somewhat less enticing than their present-day counterparts.
The scientists discovered that rises in carbon dioxide will increase the size of wheat plants and make them more efficient at using water but will affect the quality of the grain.
Dr Glenn Fitzgerald, a senior researcher for the state government of Victoria who led the study, said the amount of protein in the grain is set to reduce by 2 to 14 per cent if carbon dioxide levels increase as anticipated.
Remember, this is the same group that said the Himalaya Mountains will be ice free in 20 years.

Since then the ice has grown.

Only a United Nations bureaucrat would believe plants invigorated by carbon dioxide would somehow be inferior.

This is another parlor trick by graduate students posing as scientists.They can game the public relations system, but they cannot mkd carbon dioxide harmful to plants.


  1. But Don, Figures don't lie! But Pappy said that liars do figure.

    1. They do figure out how to lie better.

  2. 13,000 years ago there were wooly mammoths in Florida and glaciers covered most of America. 13K years is nothing to Gaia.
    Humans are not in charge, but our distinct ability is to adapt.
    Gloria Gaynor was right, we will survive.