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Sunday, June 21, 2015

FCC is the next welfare agency

In 1927, President Coolidge and a Republican Congress created Federal Radio Commission to assign frequency to that budding industry. Seven years later, FDR replaced it with the Federal Communications Commission giving it broad power over all telecommunication including the power to censor.

President Obama is turning it into another welfare agency.

From the Hill:
Rancor rises at the FCC
Partisan warfare has broken out at the once-sleepy Federal Communications Commission, where disputes over Internet subsidies for the poor, robocalls and net neutrality regulations have taken on an increasingly bitter tone.
At an open meeting on Thursday, Republican FCC commissioner Michael O’Rielly accused the body’s Democratic majority of trying to force through an expansion of broadband subsidies for low-income Americans before President Obama leaves office.
“It is clear that the majority wants to spend as much as they possibly can without any hint of restraint before a possible change in Administration,” he said.
Free broadband. Sure. Why not? Let poor people play video games and watch porn all day instead of funding a job.

We are becoming a nation with a new pecking order:
The Rich.
The Poor.
The Middle Class.
We need to abort a few governmental agencies.


  1. A balanced budget amendment would help to reduce some of the government bloat.

    1. They passed legislation to try to accomplish that and promptly ignored it. Heck, they ignore almost all the Constitution now.

  2. We Are Doomed, see, John Derbyshire.