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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Editor: Not publishing letters is "fostering a civil discussion"

On Friday, John L. Micek, editorial page editor of a newspaper in Pennsylvania, took to the pages of his newspaper and called anyone opposed to his point of view on homosexual marriage a racist, sexist and anti-Semitic and announced he would not print their letters to the editor.

Well, that is one way to draw attention.

He has that right, of course, not to print letters. And people have the right not to subscribe to his newspaper.

On Saturday, he explained his move and made himself out as the victim.

He originally posted on the newspaper's site: “These unions are now the law of the land. And we will not publish such letters and op-Eds any more than we would publish those that are racist, sexist or anti-Semitic.”

On Saturday, he was puzzled that anyone took offense to that: "I stand with my gay and lesbian friends who, on Friday, were extended the same protections under the law that the rest of us take for granted. But for those of you who were offended by what was intended as a very genuine attempt at fostering a civil discussion, I apologize."

Calling people who disagree with you racist, sexist or anti-Semitic is hardly civil.

And refusing to publish letters from the other side is hardly a discussion.


  1. I guess I missed his post where he said his paper would no longer publish letters to the editor proposing more gun control, since the SCOTUS settled that argument. Oh, wait! Sorry, it's just more of the liberal crapola that we usually get from these anti-semitic and anti-christian folks. I wish just once that people like this guy would look in a mirror and see what they truly are and how ugly their views are.

  2. My mother who is 86 promptly cancelled two newspaper subscriptions as of Friday.

    "It's over" she added.

  3. Dear Sir, You Cur, terminate my subscription and refund my money.

    I see this as the Roe v. Wade case of the 21st century. This is NOT settled.

  4. i miss your website.

    This one sucks. (I Knew I should have saved what I wrote! )

  5. We are witnessing the death of our culture.
    By the way: When I saw the White house all lit up. I realized the Obama was just admitting something many of us had suspected all along.