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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Does Obama realize Boehner pantsed him?

Conservatives are ticked at House Speaker John Boehner for supporting President Obama's secret trade agreement. And maybe they should be upset. But they also were upset four summers ago when Boehner agreed to sequestration -- and lo and behold the president paid a stiff penalty for that. What did Obama get in this deal? This headline: "House deals humiliating blow to Obama."

The vote was not even close: 302-126. Even Bush never faced as large a rebuke from his own party.

From the Hill: "An overwhelming majority of Democrats sought to sink the package in the 126-302 vote despite an impassioned plea from the president, which he delivered in person during a rare morning visit to Capitol Hill. A majority of Republicans also opposed the bill."

Now Boehner may be surprised as anyone with that outcome, but the House of Representatives is the most autocratic body in North America. There is no vote unless the Speaker says there is one. he would have to be out of touch with three-quarters of the House if he thought that bill would fly,

Nancy Pelosi delivered the blow to Obama's ego by denouncing this measure. But by supporting the bill and bringing it to a vote, Boehner pantsed the president.

Have a day as great as Boehner's Friday.