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Friday, June 05, 2015

Blame Democrats, not Obama

Conservatives have been fighting Barack Obama the wrong way since he cinched the Democratic Party seven years ago. In a cult of personality, attacking the leader only strengthens him.

But if you put the blame on the Democratic Party, you make it impersonal. Obama's diehards do not feel attacked. Meanwhile, you can peel off Democrats by driving a wedge between what their party leader does and what they do.

For example, when Obama said the world respects America more today than ever before, conservatives attacked him. Why? Frame it more accurately as Democrats say the world respects America now more than ever. That forces Hillary Clinton to either defend the statement or divorce herself from her party. Ditto Marin O'Malley, Joe Biden, Lincoln Chafee, and that guy from the 19th century, Bernie Sanders.

Make Democrats own the Patient Protection and Affordable CareAct.

Ditto ISIS. Democrats assured us ISIS was the junior varsity, and not a threat to anyone.

Hold Democrats accountable for their last six years in the White House. That is what it will take to won next year.

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  1. That's a DAMN FINE idea, Don! Call 'em out!