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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Unarmed black teen murdered

In Cleveland a judge acquitted the lone policeman charged with murder in the bizarre 22-mile, early morning high-speed chase through the town that ended with police firing 137 shots at a car whose driver tried to ram them. Protesters carried "Hands Up" signs, which of course the driver refused to do, which is why he is dead.

Here is a senseless death that should draw protests.

From the New York Post:
Bronx seventh-grader Christopher Duran was stalked and gunned down on a sidewalk near his Bronx home Friday morning — the victim, cops believe, of gang violence.
“He was a gangbanger,” one law-enforcement source said of Christopher, a child known in his Morrisania neighborhood as already well on the road to doom when he was shot dead.
“He terrorized the neighborhood,” said a woman who passed by the grim crime scene.
“Christopher is no good,” another neighbor said.
“I saw him fighting last summer in the street,” the man said. “We told them to quit fighting, but he would not listen. The person he was fighting wanted to quit, but he wouldn’t quit.”
I am sorry but black lives do not matter to liberals. Young black men like Christopher Duran and Michael D. Brown are cannon fodder in the liberal war against the local police, because liberals want to strip local governments of power. Brown mattered because he attacked an officer who shot him. Duran doesn't. It's that simple.

American cannot continue traveling on this road forever. Young black males killing young black males accounts for one-third of the murders in America. That's crazy.


  1. Crazy and evidently not newsworthy according to the NYT and MSNBC.

  2. Black lives matter to too few blacks.