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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Two months to correct is unethical

When the Daily Mail fired me (and it was cordial, folks) I canceled my subscription to both newspapers. I miss the Mail, but the Gazette is the same nasty anti-intellectual crap sheet it always was.
A March 9 story about West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey hiring a private lawyer to counsel him on whether he could take part in his office’s lawsuit against Cardinal Health should have stated that Morrisey was advised that no ethical rule required him to step aside from the case. Beth Ryan, a spokeswoman for Morrisey, issued a statement five days earlier that included the information about the lawyer’s advice.
That's right, it took them two months to admit they lied. It's not a mistake when you wait two months to correct it. It's a lie,

The people are ill-served by a press that is so partisan that it makes up lies to try to discredit good officeholders. The public, though, has caught on. The Gazette's screeds favoring Democrat Natalie Tennant resulted in the worse defeat for a Democratic senatorial candidate in West Virginia history.


  1. Mr. Surber was fired for being right about the Not-So-Gentle-Giant whose own actions on that day in Ferguson - beginning with the trampling of the convenience store clerk and culminating in an unthinking attack on a peace officer in an animal-like kill attempt inside the police vehicle that ended when he willingly charged into gunfire. Animalistic? You Betcha!

    The Daily Mail publisher found no fault with the actions by black activists to turn the shooting into a racist incident - possibly because liberals believe minorities cannot be racist. Ferguson riots have wrought property damage and police deaths throughout the nation and the liberals are somehow blameless.

    Comments on the blog entry explaining the firing by the Daily Mail's editor had a former Mommyhood columnist questioning whether or not Trayvon Martin was murdered. You were not dismissed by honest friends who rationally understand disagreements.

    And you didn't go so far as to donate $75K to fund Bill and Hillary's slush fund.

  2. Today's press and most of the rest of the news media is nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Dimocrat Party. They have been that way for years. Now, with the internet, more and more Americans are seeing the news media for what it is, propaganda. ABC fired Geraldo Rivera for donating $200 to a friend's campaign. Does Stephalopolis still have a job after all the money he gave to the Clinton money laundering and slush fund Foundation? Of course he does.