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Saturday, May 02, 2015

Tweet of the day

Just as long as it isn't Britney.

Congratulations, England. This is a great day for Great Britain. Americans don't understand this royalty thing, but today we are a little envious. Maybe King George III wasn't so bad.

This is the first princess they've had as a direct descendant since Ann-Margaret, right?

My only worry is that she will prick her finger at 16 and England has to sleep for 100 years.


  1. Oh, Don: Fairy tales can come true, it could happen to you...and it would be ALL YOUR FAULT.

  2. So when can we start sending the little tyke spinning wheels? Then when they are all asleep we can move the Gulf Stream south and freeze them all... remember they burned our White House.

  3. How can they NOT choose Elsa or Anna, especially with Frozen 2 in the works.

  4. The greatest parts of the Constitution are in Article I, Sections 9 and 10: No titles of nobility shall be granted by the United States or by the states. None of those kings, queens, princes, dukes, earls, counts, or any other of the lesser orders of dynastic nobility. Regardless of what certain families are doing to re-establish this "divine right", these clauses have served us well and I am eternally grateful to the Founders for their foresight. That said, I have a sneaking admiration for the Royal Family of Great Britain. (Probably from watching too much "Doctor Who".) Best wishes and good luck to William, Kate, George, and Whats-her-name.