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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tweet of the day

And in West Virginia, they run on coal!


  1. 40 miles is just around town, and not a real big one.

  2. No mention that the electricity used to charge the car was almost certainly generated by some form of fossil fuel. Making the source of the electricity invisible to the driver by changing the user's perspective of it from that of a gas pump to an electrical outlet doesn't make it "eco-friendly." Those electrons propelling the car aren't created out of thin air and they definitely are not "free".

  3. Forty miles, huh? I remember when I lived in Austin it wasn't unusual to put close to a hundred miles a day on my odometer, between commuting, shopping and the occasional visit with buddies.

    When I moved out of town for a while (to enjoy the hill country) I was commuting 70 miles each way a day. (KInda left out any time for shopping or visiting.)

    Of course gas was only 25.9 for premium at the U-Totem.