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Monday, May 11, 2015

Thoughts on a tweet from Bill Kristol

I have a few thoughts on this tweet from Bill Kristol:

My first thought was you reap what you sow, Barry.
My second thought was you reap what you sow, despots.

I have no love for Barack Obama's foreign policy, which is an extension of a domestic policy that is virulently opposed to Republicans and conservatives, whom he would like to destroy. But his term end and hopefully America goes back to sanity and engagement in the world.

But the King Tuts of the Gulf states are pissed at America? Well good. I have been displeased with them for quite some time, particularly that 7th century feudal state of Saudi Arabia, home of Mecca and Medina. They are nervous about Iran getting The Bomb for a very good reason; it will be aimed at them not Israel because we are headed for a violent Islamic civil war among the Sunnis, Shia and Wahabbis. Our best hope is a Stalingrad among them.

To be fair, King Salman sent a couple of the hundreds of princes in his place. However, the diss is duly noted and all I can say is America's policy toward the House of Saud was best articulated by Sarah Palin:
Drill, baby, drill.


  1. If Israel wouldn't get caught in the crossfire I'd say let the Shiites and Wahabists lob nukes at each other till nothing is left. Unfortunately Israel IS in the crossfire.

  2. ",,,it will be aimed at them not *** I'm guessing you meant to put "us" in this space*** because we are headed for a violent Islamic civil war among the Sunnis, Shia and Wahabbis."

    1. Meant Israel. Thanks. I shall fix.

  3. The end of the Pax Americana.

    For 70 years the United States prevented the eruption of World War III and the mass elimination of 100s of millions. It did it by being a credible threat to its opponents and reliable supporter of its allies. It prevented the widespread proliferation of nuclear weapons by ensuring the protection of the American nuclear umbrella. Obama has destroyed all of that.

    The credibility of the United States will not be restored easily. Every thinking person in the World knows that anything the United States offers is only good until the next Democratic president is elected to repudiate it.

    The end of the Pax Romano was followed by the Dark Ages as Europe shattered into a thousand warring fiefdoms. The Democratic Party (Obama didn't do this alone) has opened the door for a new Dark Ages, this time with nuclear weapons and the corrupting influence of perverted technology.