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Thursday, May 21, 2015

They see nothing wrong with it, Rush

Rush Limbaugh wondered aloud why the media has ignored the lefty tilt of Osama Bin Laden's reading material, which was de-classified this week.

From Rush:

Well, look at this.  So they declassified the documents found in bin Laden's compound when we went in there and killed him.  And of course the Drive-Bys are focusing on the documents that showed he continued to hate America and was continuing to plan acts of terror against us, but there's other stuff in this treasure trove that interests me. 
The National Intelligence Director has declassified some of these documents, and there are books by well known leftists, like Noam Chomsky.  Bin Laden was reading books with titles like Wage Inequality in France.  He was a leftist.  Is it any shock that Osama Bin Laden was a leftist?  In fact, as I understand this, there is even an outtake on video of bin Laden either giving or rehearsing a speech on class warfare and the despotism of big money. He goes on for about 40 seconds and starts stumbling and losing his place, and he gives up.  But the guy was a redistributionist.  He was a typical leftist. 
It is not gonna get much coverage.  All they're gonna talk about is the documents they found in there that show he was still hating America and planning terror attacks.  Can you imagine if they had found a copy of one of my books in there?  Can you imagine?  That would be the headline.  But since there are books by a bunch of leftists in there, ho-hum, no big deal
The reason they see nothing wrong with it is that these are teh books they read. The lefty media types consider themselves middle of the road.


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