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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Texas 2, Planned Parenthood 0

Texas imposed medical standards upon abortion clinics to end back-alley-level abortion in that state. This stung the world's largest abortion corporation, tax-exempt Planned Parenthood. The company retaliated by announcing plans to build a mega-abortion facility in San Antonio.

The Texas Legislature countered by cutting off $1.2 million in taxpayer subsidies to Planned Parenthood.

From Life Site News:
“Many feel very strongly that the facilities receiving funding should not be facilities that are performing abortions,” said Sen. Jane Nelson, chair of the Senate Committee on Finance. “So, the answer is: Don't perform abortions and you get the money."
Updated budget language removes Planned Parenthood from the Breast and Cervical Cancer Services (BCCS) program by stipulating that providers must be eligible for the Texas Women's Health Program. Three years ago, Texas lawmakers took Planned Parenthood off the Medicaid-based Women's Health Program, which doles out contraception.
The Republican-led state legislature slashed the state’s budget for "family planning" by two-thirds in 2011 in an effort to prevent health providers even loosely affiliated with abortion providers, like Planned Parenthood, from receiving state tax dollars.
In conference committee budget negotiations, clinics affiliated with abortion providers were cut off from the BCCS program, although some clinics may still receive cancer screening funding if the state is unable to find other providers in certain regions.
Under state law, Planned Parenthood clinics performing cancer screenings are already prohibited from performing abortions if they accept taxpayer dollars.
Just what screening Planned Parenthood actually does is puzzling. They do not do pap smears or mammography at their "clinics."

This stipend has been a kickback from Democrats to the liberals who run Planned Parenthood.

By teh way the conservative Life Site News is as reliable as any liberal news organization. I no longer feel compelled to link liberal sites simply because they publish a newspaper.