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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Science: Banning fracking won't stop earthquakes

Hydraulic fracturing aka fracking is liberating the world from savage Muslim regimes who execute homosexuals, and communistic dictators, who hate everyone. Which is why Rich White Trust Fund Baby Liberals like former heroin addict Robert Kennedy Jr. oppose it.

Science now shows that fracking no more causes earthquakes than vaccine cause autism.

From the Star-Telegram:
The frequent but mild earthquakes giving shivers to the Irving area — but not other areas in North Texas — likely should be blamed on geologic fault lines rather than gas drilling practices, a geologist said Tuesday.
“Based on known geology and known science, the most likely explanation is that it’s occurring in a known faulted zone of an old buried mountain range,” Craig Pollard, vice president of exploration for Cinco Resources, said after a presentation hosted by the Institute for Policy Innovation.
IPI is an nonprofit pro-economic-growth organization that has been fighting municipal efforts to restrict drilling and fracking.
The correct message hasn’t been getting out, Pollard said during his 90-minute speech and discussion to an audience of about 50 people, including many geologists.
“The media is working on sensationalism,” Pollard said. “For it not to be water injection, for it not to be fracking, is not news.”
Sadly, it is news as the lies from liberals pile up.

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