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Friday, May 01, 2015

Jenner threatens to sue over photos of him in a dress

Bruce Jenner whose very public gender-bending has attracted public attention is threatening to sue CNN and a newspaper for publishing photos of him in a dress. Guess he plans to wear pants suits as a girl.

He starred on "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" for nearly a decade.

From the New York Post:
Bruce Jenner has threatened legal action over photos of him wearing a dress published last week. He was seen in fuzzy photos outside his hilltop Malibu home wearing a long black-and-white striped dress. But Jenner complained that the photos, published in the New York Daily News and shown on CNN in a segment hosted by Don Lemon — titled “Caught on Camera: Bruce Jenner’s New Look?” — violated his privacy because they were taken via a telephoto lens from as far as a mile away. The shots have since been removed from the Web sites of both outlets.
Kendall and Kylie would have better luck getting their virginity back.

From his grave, Robert Kardashian gets the final chuckle on his ex-wife's mister-who-is-becoming-a-mistress.

Well to heck with him. Here is what Jenner looks like in a dress:


  1. The most puzzling aspect: why any man would voluntarily choose to wear those ridiculous women's shoes.

  2. The only thing Jenner will be wearing from now on is prison orange. Because of his careless driving, a woman is dead.