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Monday, May 18, 2015

Racist or fact?

Telling the truth online gets you in trouble in America. Consider Duke University political science professor Jerry Hough made the mistake of pointing out that Asian-Americans are as a race doing better than African-Americans in general. For that people are calling him racist.

Part of the reason is Asian males are not shooting one another up like inner city black males are.

The homicide rate for African-American males ages 15-19 is 45.0 per 100,000.

The homicide rate for Asian-American males 15-19 is 2.8 per 100,000.

But hey, get on Professor Hough's case for pointing that disparity out. The London Daily Mail reported:
A Duke University professor said that he was misunderstood when he made online comments regarding race that were harshly criticized.
Political science professor Jerry Hough made comments on The New York Times website comparing 'the blacks' and 'the Asians', writing that Asians 'didn't feel sorry for themselves, but worked doubly hard'.
Hough had commented on a May 9 editorial in The New York Times on the Baltimore riots and underlying factors of segregation and poverty. He said that the editorial should have urged the Baltimore mayor to resign rather than blame white racism. 
In a six-paragraph comment on the website, Hough wrote: 'The blacks get awful editorials like this that tell them to feel sorry for themselves', according to the Charlotte Observer. 
The comment ended with Hough saying: 'It was appropriate that a Chinese design won the competition for the Martin Luther King state (sic). King helped them overcome. The blacks followed Malcolm X.'
Hough received criticism for his comments on Twitter and other social media sites. In an email on Friday, Hough said that his comments were misunderstood.
'I don't know if you will find anyone to agree with me,' he said in an email to The News & Observer. 'Anyone who says anything is a racist and ignorant as I was called by a colleague. The question is whether you want to get involved in the harassment and few do. I am 80 and figure I can speak the truth as I see it. Ignorant I am not.' 
The truth is not racist. Asian-Americans do so well academically that colleges raise the admissions bar to limit their number, while lowering the bar to admit more African-Americans. Asian-Americans rightly are suing.

The real racists are those who want to transform black murderers and criminals into victims.

This won't end well -- in fact, it is not going well right now. Too many black kids are dying and going to prison -- and too many liberals see that merely as an opportunity to gain power.


  1. Seems like I remember a famous journalist that burned in that same stake a while back.

    The name will come to me after a while, I guess.

  2. The long history of Asians in this country is not identical to that of blacks, of course. But, truthfully, how much difference is there between the abject slavery endured by blacks and the indentured service experienced by Asian workers in this country? My wife and I live by choice in an Asian-dominated community. The Asians I know have a strong family structure, which helps a lot. They pool their resources, they support each other, if one gets ahead the others get pulled forward, they all benefit---at least that's true of the Asian families my wife and I can count as friends. The War on Poverty helped to destroy African-American families. It was the undoing of black communities. It pandered to blacks for their votes, it created a pathological culture of victimhood, entitlement, and yet resentment. That's a toxic mix. Some were helped, from which America has benefited and for which we can all be grateful, but too many got left behind, too often by their own choice. Very sad.

  3. Jerry Hough, professor of political science , Duke University pointing out racist or fact. Asian or African are often attack by racist in America. smart android box

  4. John (not McCain)May 20, 2015 at 11:49 AM

    Your still alive? That's a shame.