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Saturday, May 16, 2015

O'Malley would reserve death penalty for babies, not bombers

Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley, whose chief accomplishment as governor was the rare election of a Republican governor, used the Boston Marathon Bombing to show off his liberal credibility by denouncing the death penalty.

For murderers -- not for innocent babies. O'Malley supports the right of mothers to kill their babies in the womb.

From O'Malley:
“I respect the verdict of the jury, but I nonetheless remain opposed to the death penalty as a matter of principle and as a matter of policy. The death penalty is ineffective as a deterrent, and the appeals process is expensive and cruel to the surviving family members. Furthermore, the nations responsible for the vast majority of public executions include North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, China and the United States of America. Our country does not belong in that company.”
Talking points aside, the national homicide rate rose markedly after the Supreme Court struck down the death penalty as unconstitutional in 1968. Since then, the restoration of executions in some states has coincided with a drop in the homicide rate. His state does not execute murderers. Baltimore is 5th in the nation in homicide rates, with a rate that is seven times the national average.

As for North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, and China, those nations also allow abortion on demand.

I am troubled that a grown man would think it OK to kill a baby for being inconvenient while opposing the execution of an unrepentant terrorist.


  1. Someone in the news recently (Rand Paul maybe) asked at what point is it not ok to have an abortion. The answer appears to be once it has murdered someone.

  2. "The death penalty is ineffective as a deterrent" sez O'Malley. It certainly deters the perp from doing it again. As Ron White sez, "In Texas we're putting in express lines." And Ann Coulter nails it, "Dimocrats want to protect the guilty and kill the innocent."

  3. I'll bet if the murderers claimed they were Republicans O'Malley would find a way to make an exception.

  4. Isn't O'Malley RC? You could respect his stand on capital punishment if it were due to his religion but his stand on abortion greatly conflicts with Catholicism so his views on the topics aren't based upon religion.

  5. That is exactly correct. I guess that is what goes as "principled" in the Democrat Party.